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Pac Man Arcade Machine: Arcade1up Ms Pac Man Reviews:

The History of Pac-Man:

First released at a movie theatre in Shibuya, Tokyo, nearly 41 years ago, who knew Pac-Man would have the potential to become the most instantly identifiable character in the gaming world?

If you are a Pac-Man fan, know that the game has produced over eight versions, keeping others still in progression, has had the first television series based upon it, and about 400 products surfacing all over the face of this planet.

A survey conducted on 2000 adults stated that 90 percent of them instantaneously recognized the yellow circular face within a few seconds. This empirical figure is enough to mark the popularity of the famous game.

We know that the craze hasn’t yet terminated, and the upcoming generations will continue to pursue this game with the same enthusiasm and zeal as anyone else before. Therefore, we have decided to do a piece giving you reviews and information about the best Pac Man Arcade game machines. That’s right!

There are over 15 different Pac-Man products to review.

Before beginning, we would also brace upon ten old and new facts about the game that every fan should know about. As we end the article, all of your frequently asked questions about Pac-Man will be answered to the best of our knowledge possible. Don’t worry; the journey will be fun!

Pac Man Arcade Machine: Arcade1up Ms Pac Man Reviews

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Things You Don’t Know About Pac-Man:

Pac Man, as we know, is one of the most popular games and is a part of the tradition in so many households across the world. However, have you ever thought that there might be some facts about Pac-Man that you still don’t know about?

There are a couple of types of game players, but we are only concerned about two of them. One bunch likes to dig up interesting things concerning the game they are playing, while the other bunch of players does not really care about the essential stuff revolving around the game; they just like playing.

Well, if you fall in the first category, then we have some quick facts that would help you brush up your knowledge and perhaps, add more to it. If you are in the latter category, keep reading and ponder on these things before you dive in to play your next round of Pac-Man.

As Pac Man completes 41 years as the king of video games, we have brought you some quick facts to look at about this game. So without further ado, let us begin:

This one isn’t hard to tell! Let’s admit it, and we were all once fans of the munching Pac-Man noise. In Japanese, paku-paku taberu is used for denoting the sound of munching. So the name Pac-Man is taken from there.

People believe that the symbol used to represent Pac-Man is a missing pizza slice, but actually, it is based on the emblem of mouth- and the rounded version is the Japanese representation of mouth.

It wasn’t always known as the Pac-Man. Initially, the makers called it the Puck-Man. It was only after the decision to release the game in America did the name change to Pac-Man. Reportedly, there were worries about Americans changing the initial from P to F.

The creator, Toru Itwani, explains his motive for creating this video game. He says that the market was so filled with games surrounding guns, wars, cars, racing, and fights, that he did not want to look at these games anymore. Further, he wanted something that could bring the attention of women to the Arcade. Therefore, he made this masterpiece primarily for the ladies.

The highest level of Pac-Man is 255, and if you have been there, you should know the mess that it creates at that level. However, with numbers, colors, and letters glitching, we are not sure if that level can be completed or not.

Initially, Pac-Man was fond of having cookies as his tiny snack pellets, but eventually, cookies are now given a special space in eating the ghosts away after some changes.

You must remember Popeye, the man-eating sailor spinach, instantaneously growing his muscles and defeating Bluto. Now, relate it to Pac-Man powering itself up after eating. Yeah! Popeye inspired it.

The first person ever to achieve the highest possible score of 3,333,360 in the game was Billy Mitchell. But, surprisingly, it wasn’t achieved till the year 1999, and it took him straight 6 hours to do so.

Run to your Pac-Man game set and identify the orange ghost that is also popular by the name Clyde. In the year 2012, Disney released a movie, “Wreck It Ralph,” in which Clyde appears as a guest star, a villain, as we should all expect. Famous director Kevin Deters was given the opportunity to voice him for the role.

Remember those beautiful mornings when Pac-man used to run as a cartoon on your TV sets? So, of course, you would be excited to know that you witnessed the first-ever cartoon that was based on a video game. Feeling lucky, aren’t we?

Pac Man Arcade Machine: Arcade1up Ms Pac Man Reviews (Best Picks)

Top 5 Best Pac Man Arcade Machines for Sale:

Here are the top 5 best Pac Man Arcade machines for sale, which are currently available. Grab your favorite now!

Super Impulse Pac Man Classic Tiny Arcade Game – Palm Size W/ Authentic Sounds & Joystick, Yellow

Branded by Super Impulse, this Pac Man Arcade Machine is available in yellow and will take you by surprise. This machine claims to produce the exact thrill of your classic Pac-Man Arcade game in miniature, and that is why this remains on the top of our list.

The dimensions of this item are 6*3*3 inches, length, width, and height, respectively. This model is available with complete gameplay, a high-resolution screen, and a novice skill level. One can also find one joystick with two control buttons on the panel, authentically high-definition sounds, and a backlit.

Children above the age of 8 are eligible to enjoy this game. Conclusively it comes with an instruction manual, 3 AAA batteries, an arcade cabinet that gives a perfect fit and a comfortability level to your hand. Check this fantastic machine out on:

Arcade1up Ms Pac Man Reviews

Arcade1Up Arcade1Up NBA JAM Home Arcade Machine, 3 Games in 1, 4 Foot Cabinet with 1 Foot Riser

This Arcade1Up machine can be a little expensive for those who are moving forward on a restricted budget. This game brings up the retro memories of playing arcade games at home. It gives us the benefit of playing three games in one.

One of the most appealing features of this Arcade Machine is its 4-foot long cabinet and 1-foot long riser. This Wi-fi enabled machine is coinlessly operated and has a screen that comes with the ease of adjusting however you want it to be. This is enough to give you a wholesome experience of going to the Arcade from the comfort of your home.

With a large 17 inch LCD full-screen display and volume control options, the machine has four complete sets of joystick controls and buttons. 45.8” Height (57.8” Height with riser) x 22.75” D x 31” Width is the dimensions of this perfectly suitable Arcade machine.

You can get your gaming machine sets by visiting below now:

Arcade1up Ms Pac Man Reviews

Quarter Arcades Official PAC-Man ¼ (17 Inches Tall) Mini Arcade Cabinet by Numskull – Playable Replica Retro Arcade Game Machine – Micro Retro Console

Branded by Quarter arcades, this is a multiplayer Pac-Man Arcade Machine. Available at an affordable price range, this machine model is made up of wood and is colored in the Pac Man theme. However, this is not a full-sized cabinet and comes in the dimensions of 10.35 * 8.27 * 18.89 inches.

The brand claims this model to be one of the most high-quality replicas of the original Arcade Machine. This machine features original Pac-Man artwork and a premium metal quality. The display window that comes is originally made with prime materials and first-hand elements.

The additional benefit of purchasing this model lies in its certificate of authenticity that would be unique to your unit number and a collector’s metal coin.

The tiniest detail of this machine is an exact replica of the original Pac Man Arcade machine and at a much lower price. If you want to purchase this masterpiece, visit it at:

Arcade1up Ms Pac Man Reviews

Tiny Arcade Pac Man Miniature Arcade Game Multi-colored

Tiny Arcade brands the aforementioned Pac Man Arcade Machine, and just like its name, the machine is significantly smaller as compared to the original model. It might be a tad expensive for fans. The machine is 2 inches high, 1.5 inches wide, and 3.5 inches long.

The company claims this model to be accurate to the vintage Pac-Man arcade machine. The display is full screen and allows multiple players to be a part of this game. The game is also portable since it can conveniently be placed inside a pocket, backpack, or pocketbook.

The screen is fully colored and has high-resolution and high-definition qualities. The header comes attached with LCD lights, and the sounds produced by the arcade machine are accurately volumed.

As it is small in size, children below the age of 3 years should not be allowed around the game since it can produce a choking hazard for them. Check below for more details about this product:

Arcade1up Ms Pac Man Reviews

Tiny Arcade Ms. Pac Man Miniature Arcade Game

Manufactured by Super Impulse USA LLC, this product was first released into the markets on 30th October 2017. Since its inception, the game has won the hearts of people belonging to all ages. It has been officially licensed to be a miniature replica of the original Pac-Man arcade machine.

Available in the dimensions of 2 inches height, 1.5 inches width, and 3.5 inches length, this product weighs 4.8 ounces approximately. Manufacturers recommend people falling within the age limit of 8 to 60 years to play the game.

The product has been ranked 10th in Kid’s handled games and has an authentic and fully functional gameplay with a high-quality full-screen display. Available at affordable prices, this machine claims to be portable, multiplayer, pocket-friendly, and flabbergasting.

The link mentioned below will provide you with all the required information regarding this gaming product:

Arcade1up Ms Pac Man Reviews

Top 4 Best Arcade1up Pac Man Machines:

Check out the following product descriptions to get information about the top 4 Pac Man Arcade1up machines.

ARCADE 1UP Classic Cabinet Home Arcade, 4ft (Pac Man)

This classic Arcade1up Pac Man machine is a must-have for every household. While some might find the price too high, knowing the features would probably justify these expenses.

It weighed 58 pounds approximately; this product has an upgraded 17 inches LCD colored screen. It comes with two games, i.e., Pac Man and Pac Man Plus. Some of the remarkable features of the product include coinless operation, adjustable volume, game selection menu, flexible socket plug-in, and a pitch-perfect resemblance to arcade controls.

Manufactured by Arcade1up, the product was released in 2019 and has taken the market by storm since then. The product is dimensioned at 19.29 * 23.23 * 45.67 inches and is eligible for children above 14 years to play.

Conclusively, the product has had impressive user ratings over the years. Buy the product at:

Arcade1up Ms Pac Man Reviews

Arcade1UP Countercade18 (Pac Man)

The product comes with a classic upright cabinet design. Weighing 17 pounds, the machine has an upgraded 8 inches fully colored LCD screen, and the controls perfectly resemble authentic arcade controls and original Pac-Man artwork.

Just like its counterparts, this machine comes packed with two games, i.e., Pac Man and Pac Man Plus. Several other remarkable features of the game are its adjustable volume settings, easy on-screen game selection, and convenient ability to plug in an AC outlet.

Manufactured by ARCADE1UP, this product is ranked 72454 in Toys and Games. This item was also modeled under the Limited Desktop edition and had an excellent user rating. People ranging from 14 to 100 years of age are perfect recipients of this gaming machine.

You can get to know more about this absolutely stunning gaming machine at:

Arcade1up Ms Pac Man Reviews

Arcade 1Up Pac Man 40TH Anniversary COUNTERCADE 4 Games in 1

This ms Pac Man Arcade1up machine comes at an affordable rate with a tabletop design. This machine would be handed over to you completely assembled; that is, you would be saved with tonnes of time and energy that would have otherwise gone to waste during the assembling process of this gaming machine.

The machine has an upgraded eight-inch LCD fully colored LCD screen and actual size arcade control that would also seek the comfortability of your hand before anything else. The artwork and gameplay are fully licensed officially and also have a clear deck protector.

Features like adjustable game volume, on-screen game selection, plugging into AC outlets is comprehensively available. The machine is licensed by WF Tastemakers Trading Limited.

It weighs only 10.7 pounds, and the dimensions are 11.42 inches in height, 9.57 inches in width, and 15.78 inches in length. The machine was released recently in the year 2020 and is ranked 134 in Kids Handheld Games.

Visiting this link below would give you more information about this product:

Arcade1up Ms Pac Man Reviews

Arcade 1Up Arcade1Up Pac Man 40th Anniversary Special Edition Arcade Game Machine with Marquee Riser and Stool

Since the time this 40th Anniversary special edition machine was released, the market has been stormed by it. People want to buy this masterpiece, so there are fewer chances of you not hearing about this Arcade machine.

Branded and manufactured by Arcade1Up, this machine brings a never seen before 7 in 1Pac Man game edition, including Pac Man, Pac Man Plus, Super Pac Man, Pac and Pal, Pac land, Galaga, and Pac mania. The game has an upgraded 17 inches fully colored LCD display with an authentic joystick and real feel buttons.

Other features include a clear deck protector, volume adjust controls, full-size display, easy on-screen game selection, and a complimentary stool. The fully assembled machine can be expected to stand as tall as 5 feet along with a riser. Dimensions are 57.8 inches in height, 22.75 inches in width, and 19 inches in length.

To get more information about this newbie, check out this link and order yours now:

Arcade1up Ms Pac Man Reviews

The 3 Best Arcade1up Ms Pac Man Machines:

Below mentioned are the top three ms Pac Man Arcade1up machines that have been acing the market with their extraordinary characteristics. Let us look at them one by one.

Arcade 1Up MS. Pac Man Counter-Cade – 4 Games in 1

Not every gaming machine gets an opportunity to be listed as Amazon’s choice, but this is one of those games that got listed as one. This is because this machine gives you everything that you need at an affordable price range.

The machine comes with a tabletop design and an upgraded 8 inches LCD screen display that give a fully colored comprehensive view. It is made up of wood entirely and has the benefit of being produced with high-quality materials.

The parcel comes packed with an Arcade1up ms Pac-man counter cad, a user manual, and a power adaptor. The good news is that this machine comes fully assembled, so you do not have to worry about building its parts by yourself.

To get real-size arcade controls at an affordable price, book your ms Pac Man Arcade1up machine now, at:

Arcade1up Ms Pac Man Reviews

Numskull – Quarter Arcade Ms. Pac Man Arcade Machine (Net)

This is a miniature replica of the original Arcade Pac-Man gaming machine and is not a full-size cabinet. The measures of this cabinet are 16.9 inches tall by 8.26 inches deep by 6.29 inches wide. If you have a gaming room in your home, then this would perfectly fit in and perhaps enhance its beauty.

It is made up of premium quality wood, metal, and other elements. The joystick is fully functional, and the buttons give an absolutely real feel while touching. It is very easy to connect this machine to a USB cable. For more significant details, look at:

Arcade1up Ms Pac Man Reviews

My Arcade Micro Player Mini Arcade Machine

Coming in a range of different price lists, this originally inspired Arcade artwork Pacman gaming machine gives a vintage look that genuinely takes you back to the good old days. The upgraded LCD fully colored and fully visible screen is 2.75 inches long and is ideally placed to give the best gaming experience.

This machine gives you the choice of playing either with the directional pad or with a joystick. The joystick is removable and works wonderfully by giving our hands a feeling of comfortability. The machine includes adjustable volume controls, external speakers, and a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

If you wish to know more about this machine, visit below and clear all your doubts and queries surrounding the product.

Arcade1up Ms Pac Man Reviews

The 3 Best Pac Man Stools: Top Arcade1up Stools for 2022:

While you can find stools coming in a package along with your machine game, not every product offers the service. Now that we have had a look at the best Pac-Man Arcade Machine games. Let us also glance at the best stools, without which our authentic experience would not be complete.

Let us see what we have in store for all the Pac-Man fans out there.

Arcade 1UP Stool (Pac Man)

Available in multiple thematic and color options, the ArcadeIup stool is here to make your gaming experience lively and authentic. The stool is 29.5 inches high and has a metallic frame material attached to it.

It is 13.5 inches high and 13.5 inches wide; the stool is totally adjustable with extending legs, which can make the experience all the more comfortable. All the Arcade1up cabinets can constitute this stool completely and accurately.

Check out more about this amazing product at:

Arcade1up Ms Pac Man Reviews

Pac Man Adjustable Stool – Arcade Gaming

The stool has an adjustable height, and it can range anywhere from 21 inches to 29.5 inches so that people of all ages and sizes can enjoy their experience. The stool comes packed with hardware and an instruction manual that directs and assists users in assembling their tools piece by piece.

The stool has a high-density foam padding that gives a soft and comfortable place for the gamers to sit, and it is also backed by a chrome-plated steel frame of the highest quality.

Manufactured and branded by Arcade1up, this product is worth a try if you are a Pac-Man fan. Buy this much-wanted Pac-Man accessory from:

Arcade1up Ms Pac Man Reviews

Arcade1Up Pac Man Adjustable Arcade Stool

Weighing 90 pounds and branded by Arcade1Up, this stool is smaller than its other counterparts, hence the difference in price. The stool measures 18 * 18 * 6 inches and requires the users to assemble it properly before making use of it.

The stool is Pac-Man-themed and comes designed with extraordinary elements. It is easy to take care of and does not produce any challenges while cleaning. To know more about this product, visit:

Arcade1up Ms Pac Man Reviews

FAQs about Pac-Man Arcade Machine:

How Much Is A Pac-Man Arcade Machine?

A Pac Man Arcade machine comes in a variety of prices, depending upon the model, size, and shape you choose. At its lowest, you can get it for $$, whereas it can go as high as $$$. It all depends on the features that you would love to have in your Pac Man Arcade Machine.

How To Hack Pac-Man Arcade Machine?

Pac Man Arcade cheat codes are very similar to hacking the machine. Some of the most prominent cheat codes are mentioned here. If you want to disappear all of your enemies, get the game down to two Pookas, get one of them to follow you, and try to delay the catching process as much as you can. After delaying him for a bit, you should turn around immediately and start pumping him up.

You will know that you succeeded if you see other enemies disappearing as well. This is a glitch and would let you eat all the pellets without ending the level.

How To Build Riser For Pac Man Arcade1up?

When you receive your parcel, there would be a manual describing each of the steps in elaboration with the material that you require to build the game. Follow those instructions clearly. Know that the riser can be dangerous to build alone; take help from an elder or a professional before starting.

How Many Watts Is The Pac Man Arcade Machine?

Badly or ill-designed games pull more watts and energy than well-designed games like Pac-Man. On average, if your single machine game monitor is about 13”, then you can expect it to pull 90-100 watts at max. Similarly, if the size of your single monitor is 19”, then it can safely pull up to 110 to 130 watts of your house electricity.

Where Is The Dip Switch In Arcade1up Pac Man?

A manual electric switch of Pac Man Arcade1up cannot be seen until you open the gaming set completely. Unfortunately, that is the deal1 But, the latest versions of Arcade1up Pac Man come with settings that can help you control the dip switch settings and access easily.

Arcade1up Pac Man: How To Get A High Score?

Getting a high score is not difficult for those who are high-time Pac-Man geeks. The foremost thing is to play for hours and hours straight. The basic ground rule is to collect as many Pac-Dots as you can without using four big dots.

Since ghosts cannot change their direction, start following them. This way, you will never get caught. Seek a blinking dot if you have a lot of ghosts waiting in the trail for you. Do not be in haste to cover everything quickly; instead, finish one area at a time and then move to another. Wait for the fruit to pop up and eat it right after.

How Can I Fix My Arcade1up Pac Man Joystick?

First things first, yes, if your joystick is hampered, it can totally be fixed with the assistance of commonly available equipment at home. Start by unplugging the machine. Next, open the joystick panel such that the underneath of the joystick gets exposed.

Locate the wire that complements the direction in which your joystick does not move. Check them for any damage, and repair the damage using duct tape. Finally, switch the machine off and restart it for a perfectly fixed joystick.

How To Add Games To Arcade1up Pac Man Machine?

This is simple! All you need to do is to install the gaming machine as per the manual and check for the HDMI gaming Console. This console will let you easily add games to your machine. Then, you can shuffle between the added games by holding the single player button for a while before a menu pops up and lets you do the switching.

How To Add Scoreboards To Your Arcade1up Pac Man Device?

There is a way to save the high scores of each of your games, such that they don’t go away when the machine is turned off. First, add your name initials ahead of the scores you have bagged. Then, press the one button player for a minimum of 5 seconds.

This will redirect you to a screen where your high scores would be saved for the future.

What Is A Good Replacement Joystick For Arcade1up Pac Man?

If you step outside and ask this question, you might get a hundred different answers from a hundred different people. However, we have weighed all the odds and brought you the top 3 replacements for your Pac Man joystick.

If you are searching for an American essence, then you can check out Best American-Style Set: EasyGet Classic Arcade Game, starting at $$.

To get a Japanese touch, there can be nothing better than the Best Japanese-Style Set: Hikig 2 Player LED Arcade Buttons which is priced at $$$. Best Authentic Kit: Arcade Sanwa Control Panel LED Illuminated is a choice for those who seek comfortability and perfection. This replacement will cost you $$.

How Much Is A Original Pac Man Arcade Machine Worth?

You can get an original Pac-Man Arcade Machine for $1200 if you live in a good-sized city. Otherwise, expect them to sell you the actual machine for 850 to 900 dollars. Some stubborn sellers can also sell it to you for $2000, which can fluctuate according to the economic conditions.

How Many Lives Can You Get In Pac-Man On Arcade Machine?

You can start the game by getting three lives. After that, one life is lost every time the Pac-Man gets touched by the ghost. However, the good news is that Pac-Man attains an extra life every time it completes 5000 points.

What Is CaptainSparklez Doing The Pac Man On The Arcade Machine In Minecraft?

It took the creator the hard work of an entire year to complete the Minecraft version of the Pac Man Arcade Machine.

CaptainSparklez has been added to the Minecraft Version, as he is a high-profile member of the YouTube Minecraft community and gives this version an unexpected whirl that was impossible without him.

How To Adjust The Screen On The Pac Man Arcade Cocktail Table?

Start by changing the dip switch setting by accessing the main menu. Next, change the cabinet settings from upright to cocktail. Next, if you just wish to rotate the screen, you can do so by going to video options and clicking on rotating.

If your game does not have a cocktail version, do not expect it to flip away automatically because it won’t.

What Is The Pac Man Chomp Mania Arcade Theme?

The Pac Man chomp mania arcade theme is based on the classic game of Pac-Man. This theme enables the users to win tickets while also ensuring that the old and traditional way of playing Pac-Man stays intact. The LED additions make it a beautiful pick for all Pac-Man lovers.

How To Play Pac-Man on PC With an Arcade Stick?

Using an Arcade stick to play Arcade games on PC is definitely an option. And, if you can use the stick to play Pac-Man, then why not? First, switch your PC on, go to settings. You will see controller settings flashing there. Select it. Next, plug in your stick and wait for Steam to detect it automatically.

Click it as it detects and set up all the buttons as you want them to be. Then, upload a name for your stick controller file and check the box that says “generic gamepad configuration support.” That’s it! Now you can enjoy Pac-Man on your PC with the help of an Arcade Stick.

Who Manufactures Pac-Man Smash Arcade Game?

A manufacturing company that goes by the name of Bandai Namco Amusements is responsible for manufacturing almost all the versions of the Pac Man Smash Arcade Game. They are also responsible for modifying features from the classic Pac-Man spin-off.

Who Can Repair Pac-Man Arcade Games In Tulsa?

Tulsa Arcades, a store, is responsible for selling and repairing Pac Man Arcade Games in Tulsa. If you have any issues regarding your Pac Man Arcade, you can visit their store or check them out on their website You can also contact them at +1 918-419-0772.

How To Restart A New Game In Pac-Man Arcade Game Ps4?

Remember that this cannot be done until and unless you have added Pac Man to your Ps4. However, after you have done so, you can close the application, open it up after some time, and surf the settings that would allow you to restart your game.

How Many Levels Does Pac-Man The Arcade Have?

There are a total of 256 stages or levels in the Pac Man Arcade game. However, no one can complete that stage because of the glitches that the game produces at this level, making it hard for the player to understand any color or numbers.

Billy Mitchell, in 1999 was the first person to get to this level without any second chance and by consuming every fruit, ghost, and pellet that came in the way of Pac-Man.

Where To Buy Jr Pac-Man Arcade Game San Diego Ca?

There are a number of provisions that allow you to buy the Jr Pac Man game in the city of San Diego. You can get the game on Arcade Amusements, doc brown’s time machine rental, eBay, and joystix games, to name a few.


An action maze video game in which Pac-Man is chased by the ghosts Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde, and the only way out is to escape them and eat all the pellets first released in the ’80s and still a heartthrob for many nations.

Pac-Man continues to rule the era of video games with its authentic style and varied version suiting everyone according to what they like. We hope all your doubts about the game must have been cleared, along with the acquisition of some quick facts to add brilliance to your pool of Pac-Man knowledge.

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