A Touch of Spanish Flavor Can Give a Dish Life

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The Spanish are known for such wonderful culinary contributions as wine and delicious tapas. While both of these are wonderful, there are plenty of Spanish dishes that possess rich, unique flavors that are harder to find in recipes from other parts of the world. The mix of cultures in Spain has a strong influence over the use of ingredients and what can be paired with what, so the exploration of flavor that is in Spanish dishes is very exciting. The recetas de pescado from Spain make wonderful use of the natural taste of fish by complimenting it yet having the seasonings and sauces provide a little extra bit of life to the dish. One great recipe is for anglerfish in a lovely almond sauce.

This palette pleasing dish calls for 700 grams anglerfish, flour, thirty skinless almonds, ½ teaspoon saffron, four tablespoons olive oil, one slice of bread without crust, two garlic cloves, fresh parsley, one small glass white wine, salt and pepper, 100 milliliters water or fish stock, one small chopped onion, and one medium peeled and chopped tomato. This lovely combination of ingredients will make one of the tastiest and most flavourful recetas de pescado out there. The seasoning on the fish itself remains very light while the majority of the rich, complex flavor comes from the delicious almond sauce.

After gathering the ingredients, start by cutting the fish into chunks and salting the pieces to taste, and then set them to the side for about ten minutes. After the ten minutes have lapsed, heat the olive oil in a frying pan and add the anglerfish, frying the pieces quickly until they brown on each side then remove the fish from the pan. Place the almonds, bread, and garlic in the pan and fry them until everything takes on a nice golden brown. Put the almonds, garlic, bread, white wine, and saffron into a blender and blend until the mixture is smooth.

Place the tomatoes and onion in the pan and sauté them until they are softened then add the water or fish stock and the sauce from the blender, stirring everything together. Place the pieces of fish in the pan with the sauce and allow them to simmer for around twenty minutes. At this point one of the best recetas de pescado is complete and ready to be served with a lovely parsley garnish.

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